Why we are.. WIRE

Women, despite making up a majority of the real estate field, are still paid less than men and are at a disadvantage to higher positions in the field. We want to help change that.

Our world


Our goals are to help get more women in real estate and to allow young women

to get experience before even having a job in the field. 

Real Estate Education

Build Confidence


How we pursue our mission

By presenting a platform where our mentors share their experience and advice with our participants. Participants will be mentored and taught on the presented aspects of real estate entrepreneurship in the various specialties they are interested in. 


Our vision for the participants is that by the end of their time in the program, they will have valuable knowledge of processes and tips on the different aspects of real estate, with additional opportunity for a scholarship to continue their education. 

For our mentors, our vision is to have a space where they can pass on their knowledge of the industry and insight of personal insight. For them to help mold the future path of the various specialties with inclusivity.