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Interested in becoming a mentee?

Online Course via Zoom
Each week, mentees will review new content in their personalized education portal through Zoom. Through this portal, they can submit questions, assignments, and gain access to great educational resources.

How to Join

To join the program, you must apply using our online application. If you are cleared for the second round of the application, you will have an interview with us. Once you are accepted, we will connect you with your first mentor.

What You Get

This program will not only give you incredible educational tools to start your real estate future, but will also help you grow to be confident and proud as a woman in real estate. You will gain networks, scholarship opportunities, and access to some of the top leading professionals.

Step one: Fill out application by clicking on the “Take Action” menu button. Be honest and make it personal, tell us what you love about yourself.

Step two: Complete a Zoom or phone call interview with the team. This is so we can get to know you as best as possible.

Step three: Once approved, fill out a survey about your interests and get connected to a mentor.

  1. Constant support from professionals
  2. Written guides that prepare you for meetings and prepare you for the industry
  3. Answers to any questions and education resources